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Like everyone else, Sunati is constantly changing herself and admires the bravery and confidence she sees in this other girl’s more natural look. But as she musters the courage to approach her, she soon finds out that things are not always what they seem. Complete with an original soundtrack and vibrant colors, Always Human is an innocent story about getting to know the true nature of ourselves and the people around us. Jaeho has a fearsome presence to say the least; with a body built like a tank and an intimidating scowl, his overbearing father expects nothing but a career in MMA fighting from him. To escape his father’s ambitions, he enters into a virtual reality game called “New World”, where he might be able to fulfil his wholesome dream.
No manhwa list is complete without some zombie horror with a bit of gore. Dead Days by DEY doesn’t mince its words as it proceeds to deliver high octane action within 62 episodes. And baked into all the action are some big questions about the will to live, human instincts, and selfish desires. Cheese in The Trap follows Hong Seol, a hardworking and humble student who is returning to her studies after a long break as the recipient of a prestigious university scholarship. There, she gets involved with a senior — Yoo Jung — who would have received the scholarship if it weren’t for her, and her already difficult life seems to take a turn for the worse. To everyone else, Jung is known as Mr. Perfect, and he has no qualms about manipulating his admirers to get what he wants.
Manga readers who haven’t delved into manhwa and want to get familiar with its tropes could start with this beautiful, domestic story. Whether it is for its unique premise, its lovable characters, or its beautiful art — often in color, contrary to manga’s black and white style – these series stand out among the rest. Both new and seasoned manhwa lovers should take note and check this incredible series out. อ่านการ์ตูน When they are published online, manhwa are usually presented in full color, but they are more often in black-and-white when printed on paper. Unlike their Japanese inspiration, manhwa are read in the same directions as English books and comics, since Korean is usually written from left to right. They’re typically printed in black-and-white, more often than not to make the printing process quick and more affordable, and also, of course, to highlight the mangaka’s art style.
And while these three popular media share some historical origins in the early 20th century when Japan occupied much of East Asia, they are today different for more than just the nationality of their artists. While the manga-reading populace’s appetite is predominantly occupied by shounen and isekai, webtoons offer popular representatives of romance, horror, and even LBTQ+. Animations based on Korean comics are still relatively rare (though there were several major hits in the late 1980s and early 90s with titles such as Dooly the Little Dinosaur and Fly! Superboard). However, live-action drama series and movie adaptations of manhwa have occurred more frequently in recent years. Full House in 2004 and Goong (“Palace” or “Princess Hours”) in 2006 are prominent examples. Below is a list of manhwa titles adapted into television series, web series, films, etc.
And much like DBZ, the opponents the lead characters face upgrade from low-level to world-level to even realms beyond the scope of human prowess. The former king restarts his adventure with renewed goals and dreams. Unsurprisingly, this well-written manhwa always finds its way into essential webtoon lists. Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan, who rose to fame in the horror genre, previously made one of the top thriller manhwas ever, Sweet Home. Take two weary sci-fi tropes and combine them into a webtoon about survival and self-realization, and you will get one of the best horror manhwas ever created.

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